From the fiber to the Finished Fabric

Machinery and Equipment for the processes of
Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Warpknitting, Nonwoven, Printing, Dyeing, Finishing and Make up.


Dealers of Preowned Machinery, specialized in Textile Industry, its staff owns nearly 20 years experience that provides excellent oportunities quality - price to the customers that step by step are worldwide increasing and vouch by itself the know how, services and advising that year after year reinforce the trust in the Company.

Many Companies have adquire just a single machine or either a complete production line. We buy & sell our own machinery and equipment, machinery on the market and exclusive sales for the whole textile process.

We market your equipment that for any reason has become obsolet in your production line. Feel sure that there´s someone in the world who may need those machines you are not using. We´ll try to find a customer fot them with abosolutely discretion, as we evaluate appraisals for particulars, insurance companies, liquidations, etc…

Recently and due to the developement of different textile products and equipment during last years on basis to different applications, one branch of our company has specialized in the process of Technical Textiles and Nonwovens, bringing the know how to different areas projects, projecting, supplying equipment or executive advising .

We hope you early grow up our group of customers and get profit of all our services.



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